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QUIZ: Can you name the Percy Jackson?

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Main character?
Who's father is?
And's mother is?
Who's first husband was?
Who was turned to stone by the head of?
Her store was called?
Where they find the uncle of?
Who's girlfriend is?
Who watches Grover's trial with the?
One of it's honorary members is?
Who posed as a latin teacher named?
Who teaches at a school called?
Where Pery and Grover are bullied by?
Who's favorite teacher is?
Who is really a?
They are helpers of?
His son is?
His sister is?
Who became a Hunter of?
Who's liutenant was?
She was replaced by?
Who's father is?
He is married to?
She is a daughter of Rhea and?
Who inhabits the body of?
His father is?
And mother is?
She tried to become the?
Which stays in the attic of the?
Which is located at?

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