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Opening LineSong Title
I just want to get a little more out of my payday
Don't you remember, the fizz in a pepper
It was Labor Day weekend, I was seventeen
Another day has almost come and gone, can't imagine what else could go wrong
When all our tears have reached the sea, a part of you will live in me
I think I'll take a moment, celebrate my age
I never had no one that I could count on
Everywhere I go, they're staring at her
Spent forty-eight dollars last night at the county fair
Dacin' in the dark, middle of the night
You always had an eye for things that glittered
Six lanes, tail lights, red ants marching into the night
Johnny's daddy was taking him fishin' when he was eight years old
Opening LineSong Title
Every Friday night there's a steady cloud of dust that leads back to a field filled with pickup trucks
Gotta hold on easy as I let you go
I don't know why I act they way I do, like I ain't got a single thing to lose
He said I was in my early 40's with a lot of life before me
1-2-3 like a bird I sing cause you've given me the most beautiful set of wings
I wanna drink that shot of whiskey, I wanna smoke that cigarette
I just walked in and you were gone, to your momma's I suppose
I'm so glad I met you baby, I'm so glad when we walk in the room
Last Monday mornin' you left with no warnin'
I pulled into the shopping center and saw a little boy wrapped around the legs of his mother
I spent fifteen hundred dollars on your damn dog's collar
Hank Williams sang it, Number 3 drove it

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