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Hint CharacterMovie
Coolest athsmatic in the galaxy
Best bounty hunter in the galaxy
Dont lose his cointoss
Did I ever tell you how i got these scars
There are no friendly civilians
Kidnappers Beware!
Probably cut his face sometime during childhood
Santa's helper whos good with bow and arrow
Not a fan of snakes
That rope really came in handy for these brothers
Make sure she's dead first.
Coolest Soap Salesman ever
Are you not entertained?
Dont give him an ultimatum
I strongly recommend following his rules
His face looks like an inkblot
Escaped from New York and Los Angeles
This is Sparta
Hint CharacterMovie
A barbarian not a late night host
Dont fall asleep
He's not flying he's falling with style
Red Pill Blue Pill
Adamantium makes him hard to kill
A very malleable killing machine
Remember November 5th
Do you feel lucky?
A purple cobra
A wild thing
50 eggs in one hour!
Just give him his carpet dude.
Enjoys the good ol fashioned American cheeseburger
Vampires Beware
A census taker once tried to test him.
Ezekiel 25:17
If your into adult entertainment then date this man
Shaken not stirred.

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