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Commander of the French Army
Commander of the Anglo-Allied Army
Commander of the Prussian Army
Battle of June 16th; Prussians defeated
Position British held on June 16th; Withdrew on June 17th as Prussian defeat rendered the position untenable
Chateau on British right flank; Battle opened with French attack here
Unit (among others) famous for the defense of the chateau
Farmhouse which protected the center of the British line
French I Corps Commander; Commanded the first infantry assault against the British center
British commander of 5th Division who defended the Mont. St. Jean ridge against the French infantry; Highest ranking officer killed at Waterloo
Scots Greys sergeant who captured an Eagle from the French 45th Regiment of the Line in the British cavalry charge
Commander of the Anglo-Allied cavalry; Would lose his leg to a cannonball later in the battle
French Commander who ordered the massed cavalry assault against the Anglo-Allied center
Prussian IV Corps Commander; Spearheaded the attack on the French right flank
The French infantry unit that carried out the final failed infantry assault against the Allied-Anglo center
Prussian capture of this village destroyed the French right and destroyed any hopes of a French victory
Inn where Blucher and Wellington united after the battle. Blucher suggested naming the battle this, luckily, Wellington won the argument
Following the defeat at Waterloo and his subsequent abdication, Napoleon was exiled to this island, where he died in 1821

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