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Can you name the gift each person received, rhyming with that person's surname?

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Sam Cooke received a novel. (4)
Thomas Paine received a toy locomotive. (5)
Calvin Klein received a bottle of merlot. (4)
Courteney Cox received a pair of wool footwear. (5)
Wilbur Wright received a high-flying toy. (4)
Stefanie Powers received a bouquet. (7)
Jason Witten received a young calico cat. (6)
Coretta Scott King received jewelry for her left hand. (4)
Elihu Root received a woodwind instrument. (5)
Jessica Tandy received a box of chocolates. (5)
Keith Urban received a bottle of Jim Beam whiskey. (7)
Dr. Scholl, who was naughty, received a lump of anthracite. (4)

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