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What year was Empire Records released?
What did Empire Records used to be?
The actress who plays Corey has a famous dad. What's his name?
The actress who plays Gina starred in what movie with Tom Cruise?
The actor who plays Lucas was on what cop drama?
The actor who plays Joe was on what other cop drama?
The actor who plays AJ had a guest role in what show starring Matthew Fox?
The actor who plays Mark starred in what movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt?
The actress who plays Deborah guest starred in the pilot episode of what hospital drama?
Who is caught shoplifting by Lucas?
Who is Mark's favorite singer?
What show did Rex Manning sing on?
Where did Lucas lose the money?
What did AJ glue to the floor?
What chain store did Mitchell want to change Empire Records to?
What is Eddie's special ingredient in his brownies?
What college was Corey going to?
Who is Rex Manning's assistant?
Who has better bass lines than Primus?
At what time does AJ say he will tell Corey he loves her?
What does Mark want to name his band?
How much money did Lucas actually lose?
What did Lucas say the money was 'doing' when Joe asked?
Deb gives Corey a button. What did it say?
What color were Rex Manning's jockeys?
What band was Mark watching on TV when he was eating the brownies?
When is Empire Records open till?
What color M&M does Gina pick first?
What subject homework is Corey working on when Joe sees her?
Other than rap and metal, what other cd does the shoplifter take?

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