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Role desciptionActor/ActressFilm
Identical twins, based on real doctor siblings.Dead Ringers
Young adventurer travels USA, dies in Alaska.Into The Wild
Walking, talking encyclopedia causes chaos around him.Naked
A music renegade achieves success and burns out.The Doors
Mob associated Irish/Italian criminal.Goodfellas
Porn stud who's the biggest in the business.Boogie Nights
Saxophonist revolutionizes music in 1940s/50s.Bird
Neo-nazi skinhead who happens to be Jewish.The Believer
Crack kingpin dominates the narcotics game.New Jack City
Nuyorican poet/actor can't escape his demons.Pinero
Unstable boxer is used by criminals.After Dark, My Sweet
Sex offender gets paroled and finds more trouble.The Woodsman
First democratically elected leader of the CongoLumumba
Union head changes the face of American labor. Hoffa
Actor combines sex and home video technology.Auto Focus
Man unlucky with ladies looks for real love. Starting Over
FBI agent attempts to infiltrate crime family.Donnie Brasco
Con artist with full blown OCD thinks he's found his daughter.Matchstick Men
Irish tenor lured out of hiding to perform.Hear My Song
Impostor insinuates himself into rich people's homes.Six Degrees Of Separation
City boy gets more than he bargained for on canoe trip.Deliverance
Always in character comic challenges his public.Man On The Moon
Canadian doctor goes to China during war.Bethune: The Making Of A Hero
British man helps start slave revolt in Caribbean.Burn
Small time thief gets in way over his head.The Onion Field
Married lady has mutual spark with married man.Falling In Love
Unhinged young woman plots to kill art icon.I Shot Andy Warhol
Amish widow has life invaded by outside world.Witness
Actress becomes mobster's mistress. Bugsy
Adult returns to her childhood vacation spot.Ruby In Paradise
Playboy centerfold outgrows possessive husband.Star 80
Teen learns about heartbreak and more.Fast Times At Ridgemont High
New homeowner faces off against burglars.Panic Room
Mother of a boy with rare medical condition.Mask
Role desciptionActor/ActressFilm
Heiress is kidnapped and abused by radical group.Patty Hearst
Spaceship crew member battles unknown entity.Alien
Aspiring anchorwoman encourages lover to kill.To Die For
Swinger has religious experience.The Rapture
Tejano singer becomes a star.Selena
Designer by day, hooker by night.Crimes Of Passion
Comic book artist struggles with boyfriend.Chasing Amy
Spouse of celebrity wants to maintain privacy.Private Parts
Babysitter fights for her life.Halloween
Wife of man involved in scandal tries to make amends.Jindabyne
Masochist gets job in office.Secretary
10 year old caught in the middle of family conflict.Eve's Bayou
Divorcee begins relationship with undercover cop.Sea Of Love
Comatose woman remembers life before tragedy.Reversal Of Fortune
White supremacist leader exploits troubled youth.American History X
Thug resents presence of former girlfriend's new love.Boys Don't Cry
Radio program director battles with new DJ.Private Parts
Detective investigates serial murders.Zodiac
Twisted man controls everyone in his life.Blue Velvet
Crime boss wants to keep drugs out of his business.Goodfellas
Jew in World War II becomes the conscience to a factory owning profiteer.Schindler's List
Charlie Chaplin in fear of a jealous William R. Hearst.The Cat's Meow
Video technician is bad influence on his friend.Auto Focus
Unique talent interprets his world by drawing.American Splendor
Nation Of Islam leader mentors young ex-con.Malcolm X
Ne'er do well takes advantage of frazzled actress.Postcards From The Edge
Vice-president has more influence than most think.W
Westie hood terrorizes Hell's Kitchen.State Of Grace
Alcoholic author adrift in Los Angeles.Barton Fink
Commentator at dog pageant takes nothing seriously.Best In Show
Professional crook thinks his partners are being amateurish.Reservoir Dogs
Head football coach is demoted to assistant.Remember The Titans
Gambler has his luck run out.The Music Of Chance
Cult leader dominates the lives of all his followers.Split Image
Role desciptionActor/ActressFilm
Cold blooded career criminal on a rampage.Wonderland
Gangster who doesn't appear as ruthless as he really is.Thief
Marine sergeant drills the new recruits into shape.Full Metal Jacket
Pimp lives off the earnings of 12 year old hooker.Taxi Driver
British wine expert visits California vineyards.Bottle Shock
Single mom thinks she's found the right man.Sideways
Concentration camp prisoner is chosen as commandant's maid.Schindler's List
Girlfriend of slain man gets involved with killer.The Player
Lesbian activist helps local firebrand get elected.Milk
Bartender sympathizes with attack survivor.Memento
Singer gives emotional support to new friend.Living Out Loud
Sex industry princess is a ticking time bomb.Boogie Nights
Eccentric finds romance with offbeat local. Miss Firecracker
Youthful female is older than she seems.Matchstick Men
X-rated entertainer gets embroiled in mystery.Body Double
Iconic performer guides a future superstar.Coal Miner's Daughter
Painter helps husband create bogus hype around biography.The Hoax
12 step group 'tourist' clashes with fellow damaged person.Fight Club
Lover of paralyzed man stays positive.The Waterdance
New factory worker causes trouble.Extract
Amnesiac tries to recover memories.Mulholland Dr.
Sister of repressed woman has affair with brother in lawSex, Lies and Videotape
Morose daughter alienated from parents.Life Is Sweet
Co-conspirator takes part in hare brained scheme.The King Of Comedy
Mother of man detained as an illegal immigrant has secrets.The Visitor
Legendary matriarch of drug abusing celebrity.Postcards From The Edge
Marine in outer space holds her own with the boys.Aliens
First lady to be is total opposite of her man.W
Tv star can't get away from her ex after they split.Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Journalist suspects her colleague has made up his articles.Shattered Glass
Cult survivor attempts a new life.Martha Marcy May Marlene
Mother with a very troublesome dilemma.We Need To Talk About Kevin

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