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Can you name the Guitarists NOT on Rolling Stone top 100?

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Clue on artistGuitarist left out
This blues giant passed away in 2001.
This ZZ Top legend was shockingly omitted!
Slayer's blonde axeman wasn't included.
Slayer's bald axeman is also off!
Spanish classical virtuoso didn't get picked!
The Rolling Stones replaced Brian Jones with him.
Guns N' Roses top hatted genius!
He's a founding member of Jane's Addiction.
Joe Perry's Aerosmith support on rhythm.
Bad Brains' Gary Miller is better known as...
She's the ace of Heart!
Irish great who died in 1995.
Canadian who could play fast AND 'slow down'!
Austin born player who won a 1991 Grammy.
He performed solo and with Frank Zappa.
He's played with King Crimson and David Bowie.
This former Metallica shredder formed Megadeth.
Ron Asheton played bass for him in The Stooges.
Outrageous madman of Motor City!
Played in Humble Pie and released live solo LP.
The Faces AND Rolling Stones. Say no more!
Motorhead's quintessential 'fast' player!
Singer & guitarist who wrote a world anthem!
He's fired up the spirit of radio for decades!
Inventor of the Rockman guitar effect device.
Clue on artistGuitarist left out
He was tragically killed in 2004.
Tennessee born whiz who won many Grammys.
He was Kirk Hammett's teacher.
This real Deal named a motley looking crew!
His playing moves mountains!
He revitalized things 'On Broadway'.
Hit it big with Peter, Paul and NOT Mary!
Said he only takes his hat off for brain surgery! That's no Cheap Trick!
Canadian who says she turns savage after not playing for a few days!
He played with Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake.
Was the star of his own television show!
Played alongside Joan Jett in The Runaways.
Co-hosted Hee Haw with Buck Owens.
Traffic man who recorded with Hendrix.
Grateful Dead. Enough said?
Longtime Saturday Night Live band member.
Played in the Sex Pistols.
Prodigy of Santana, who later started Journey.
He's called the most recorded guitarist ever!
Helped Steely Dan reel in the years!
Doobie Brothers plus defense consulting!
Decades later, we're still wowed by him at Woodstock!
Wasn't too stoned to roll after Procol Harum!
When he was hot, he was HOT!
Dixie Dregs, Kansas AND Deep Purple!

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