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Can you name the words with 'c' in their center?

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Actor Kevin who starred in Mystic River; also a salty breakfast food made from pig
A cosmetic used to color the eyelashes and eyebrows
A diesel or gasoline powered vehicle used in farming to pull other machinery
Of or pertaining to the sense of smell
A region of Italy that produces wine, specifically chianti
A hiding place, especially one in the ground
A nocturnal carnivore having a black stripe across the eyes
Tissues which, when contracted, cause movement in the body
At graduation, this student with the highest grades makes a speech
The nut of a hickory tree
A public music performance
To come into or acquire
A person acting as priest of a parish in place of the rector
An artificial bird used to lure game into gun range
A support made to hold the weight of a shelf
Freed or delivered from confinement
To trouble, worry, or disquiet
A small polished plane of a cut gem
To grow more intense, intricate, or complex
Moving one's feet or body in a rhythmic pattern
Broken without separation of parts
A jumping insect characterized by long antennae
To happen
To shine unsteadily
TV station featuring shows such as Futurama and MADtv

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