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Place to get hurt!The Allman Brothers
Head trek!The Amboy Dukes
Also a rocker!April Wine
No time to sink!Black Flag
'You're on the pot!'Blood, Sweat & Tears
Dr. Dunk Andopolis gets hot on the court!Boston
Tres chic!David Bowie
Don't tread lightly!Brothers Johnson
It goes on and on...Jackson Browne
Be your own CEO!Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Staying still is no fun!The Cars
Drop heaven?Cheap Trick
ROCKY's 1st sequel didn't come out in 1812!Bill Conti
I'm a bad habit!Mac Davis
QUIET!Deep Purple
Laser salad surgery!Emerson, Lake & Palmer
No junk here?The Faces
Creator gets outta this world!Paul Feig
Disco burns!Foxy
Is Lindsay a Reservoir Dog?George Baker Selection
Can you catch what's wet and falls?Grateful Dead
Dance contest time!Heatwave
Don't get sloppy!Joe Jackson
Come on, you KNOW this one!Jethro Tull
Hot stuff!The J. Geil's Band
They can hypnotize you!Billy Joel
I'm not so sure...Janis Joplin
One more thing to make us cry!Kansas
I really want to know!Kiss
Ultimate 'beastly' drum battle!Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich
Wouldn't be an Apatow production without it!Little River Band
Hit the links?Kenny Loggins
Instrumental for the heart!Love Unlimited Orchestra
'How'd you get so funky?'Steve Martin
We're on Chicago time!McKinley High Marching Band
Bright light sight!The Moody Blues
Put up your dukes!Ted Nugent
Spell my name!Pure Prairie League
Nick imagines himself a part of it!Rush
Rely on yourself!Santana
Lindsay is REALLY wondering what's up!Jason Segel
Can't win 'em all!Bob Seger
Bully gets his?Styx
Big schemer?Van Halen
The end?The Who
Modern instrumental!Mason Williams
Keep your eye on the ball. BREATHE!XTC
Don't feel sorry for yourself!Warren Zevon

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