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What were 1920's women who had bobbed hair, wore skimpy clothes, and lived an indepent lifestyle called?
Which amendment enacted prohibition?
What were hidden saloons that sold alcohol during prohibition called?
Who were accused of being anarchists and arrested and executed when there was insufficient evidence?
Scopes was arrested because he taught this in public schools...
What system established the maximum number of people would could enter the USA from foreign countries?
What invention pushed expansion of urbaniztion in the US?
What did F. Scott Fitzgerald nickname the 1920's?
What literary and artistic movement celebrated African American culture?
What allowed people to buy goods on credit?
What is the method of paying small percentage of a stock's price as a down payment and borrowing the rest?
What group of people was the biggest supporter of prohibition?
Who was the biggest crime leader during prohibition?
What type of government is an economic and political system based on a single party government ruled by a dictatorship?
What set of principles granted greater sexual freedom to men than to women?
Who made the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean?
Who opposed all forms of government?
Who was a famous jazz musician from New Orleans during the 1920's?
What act renounced war as a national policy but provided no way to enforce it?
What is being prejudiced againt foreign people?
Who was president during most of the 1920's?
What policy was prominent after World War I, that pulled away from involvment in world affairs?
What problems did farmers face during the 1920's that led to them accumulating major debt and losing business?
What group took advantage of nativism and the Red Scare to increase membership?
What is buying stocks and bonds on the chance of a quick profit while ignoring the risks?
What was the fear of a communist invasion as a result of the Russian Revolution?
Who believed that African Americans should build a seperate society and founded the UNA?
What is a convenient electrical appliance made during the 1920's?
What were the people called that smuggled alcohol during prohibition?
What was the major form of communication in the 1920's?

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