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Geneva was known as a model of
Luther thought that salvation could only be gained by...
What ended the years of religious wars?
Which new religious movement focused on doing good deeds and had predestination?
This woman was strictly Catholic and forced everyone in England to attend the Catholic Church
Who were radical reformers?
What is the previous determination as if by destiny or fate called?
What council abolished indulgences?
Any German prince determines their subjects religion--what was this called?
What art movement renewed religious emotionalism?
Luther hated the revolts led by these groups of people...
Martin Luther listed his grievances against the church in..
Which two centuries did the protest reformation happen in?
What ended religious unity in Europe?
What invention intensified intellectual criticism of the Church?
Where was Calvinism based?
Where was Luther summoned, due to his controverisal ideas?
Who wrote the Institutes of the Christian Religion?
Clerics holding more than one office illegally is called
Who invented the printing press?
A member of a group of English Protestants who in the 16th and 17th centuries thought that the Protestant Reformation under Elizabeth was incomplete is called?
By what king was the Anglican Church created?
Priests sell salvation to the Christian people.. this is called what?
The Catholics response to increased Protestantism was called
The Peasant revolts were caused by
The Society of Jesus, which consisted of Catholic missionaries were called what?
Men of superior education who were required to deliver about a hundred sermons a year is called what?
What was the first major Protestant religion?
Who translated the Bible to German?
What did Luther use to substantiate his claims that indulgences were bad?

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