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The status of working a piece of land in return for a portion of the crops.
Lincoln's Secretary of War who was outwardly disloyal to President Johnson and acted as a spy for the Radical Republicans in Congress. It was his dismissal that precipitated Johnso
Founder and first president of the American Federation of Labor, he became a leading spokesman for the labor movement.
This financier dominated American railroading at the turn of the century.
Another name for those people who had recently become wealthy, rather than inheriting a long-established family fortune.
The talented and creative director who produced the nation's first movie spectacular, The Birth of a Nation, which had a very racist and pro-Southern view of the Civil War and Reco
A political scandal of the Grant era in which U. S. Congressmen were bribed not to investigate the illegal practices of a railroad construction company.
This group of distillers bribed federal agents to avoid paying the Treasury Department millions of dollars in excise taxes.
In a famous speech, he advocated free silver and part of the Omaha Platform.
This Supreme Court case approved of the practice of segregating public facilities provided that they were separate but equal.
This wealthy newspaper and magazine publisher was known for his many examples of 'yellow' journalism.
This Secretary of State concluded a treaty with Russia in 1867 for the U. S. purchase of Alaska.
This progressive judge was the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice and was appointed by President Wilson.
This writer exposed hideous conditions and practices within the meatpacking industry.

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