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A radical separatist group of English Protestants who settled at Plymouth in order to be left alone to lead a pure and religious life.
This law allowed freedom of worship for all Christians in Maryland to keep the peace between Catholics and Protestants there.
This was a move by Britain to forbid American settlers from moving westward into Native American territories in the Ohio Valley.
Lord North's attempt to punish Americans for the Boston 'Tea Party'; it closed Boston Harbor.
This political agitator led the Boston Tea Party and attended the First Continental Congress as a delegate from Massachusetts.
He thought up the idea of the Constitution's Executive Branch and the idea of the Electoral College electing the President.
It prohibited slavery north of the 36 30' line.
As the author of the Monroe Doctrine, he warned the European powers not to extend their imperial system to the Western Hemisphere.
In this Supreme Court decision, Native Americans' rights to their land were upheld and Chief Justice Marshall ordered the president to ensure these rights.
The political party who opposed Andrew Jackson, their name referred to the English parliamentary party opposed to royal power.
A leading New England abolitionist, this editor of The Liberator advocated the separation from the South and the immediate emancipation of all black slaves.
This utopian movement began in upstate New York. People lived a communal life and shared everything, even marriages, which shocked the local inhabitants.
This treaty ended the Mexican War and confirmed America's title to Texas.
The doctrine that left the decision whether a state would enter the Union slave or free up to the territorial legislature representing the people of that territory.
A fanatical American abolitionist, he led an armed band that seized the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, VA, hoping to set off a general slave revolt.
A futile last-minute attempt to postpone the breakup of the Union by guaranteeing slavery in the South and simultaneously reinstating the Missouri Compromise line. Lincoln refused

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