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Can you name the Left Handed Video Game characters??

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The character that you are in control of for the entire game 
Final Fantasy IV
Cecil Harvey's childhood friend 
Final Fantasy VII
Vulgar party member who chain smokes 
Part of the Turks and has red hair 
Very long sword 
Cloud's childhood friend 
Guilty Gear
Eternal rival of Ky Kiske; Main Character 
Legend of Zelda
Mah Boi 
Smaller version of Mario's rival 
Parasite Eve
Has a sister named Maya 
Sonic the Hedgehog
Uses Chaos Control 
Soul Calibur
Uses an axe and shield 
Fencing techniques 
Main antagonist 
Super Smash Bros.
Counterpart to final boss in classic mode 
Kazuya Mishima's foster brother; Silver Hair 
Always changes clothes in the next game of the series 
The primary protagonist 

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