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How much do you know about the Minecraft server ManaCube?

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Forced Order
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What is the max number of party power that a party can have on Survival?
How many parts of the server is there?
What's the most expensive item in the shop on KitPvP?
What rank does new staff members start out with?
How many Skyblock titles (or tags) can be bought from the online store?
How many hubs are there?
Two YouTubers are co-owners of ManaCube. Name both of them.
Can muted players use /afk?
The last known Staff of the Month award was given to who for July of 2016?
When you apply for staff on KitPvP or Barebones, do you apply for only one of them or both?
What level of Efficiency does the Legendary Pickaxe and Legendary Shovel have?
Which version is KitPvP on currently?
If you're a Moderator on one server, but not another, what staff rank do you have on that another server?
ManaCube's IP is But, can you also use its original IP to log on?
What is the biggest and richest party on Survival?
Who's the only admin of ManaCube?
What Creative rank do you at least have to be to join the Build Team
How many blocks do you have to break on Skyblock to get 25 gems?
On December 12th, 2015, the first of this kind of event happened. What was the event?
Out of all the main ranks that existed before August 12th, 2016, which one was kept?
On the Forums, there is an event that is shown to not be finished, even though it actually is. What is the event?
When was Islands created?
What part of ManaCube was released on July 2nd, 2016?
How many main ranks were there before August 12th, 2016?
I, NStarMC, created a game show that didn't really work. What was it called?
How many credits is it to buy Voxel Sniper on the Creative Credit Shop?
How many kits are there in SkyWars?
What was the first server that the Credit Shop got released on?
What was the User Record on the Forums?
What title/tag was the prize for the PvP Throne event on February 4th, 2017?
Who is the owner?
Which part of ManaCube has gambling?
What kind of trails are you able to create with the MVP rank?
What is the total kit value of the Master kit?
How much is it to buy VIP+?
What command lists all players online on, along with their rank?
What is the given full name of a certain mob in Skyblock (and formally Survival)?
How old do you have to be to apply for staff?
What was ManaCube's original name?
What was the Perk that was only given out from the Winter Chest?
What online chat app does ManaCube use?
Who built Creative's current spawn?
When was ManaCube originally created?
On December 8th, 2014, this part of ManaCube was released. What was it?
How many Parkour ranks are there?
What event happened on January 15th, 2017?
Which part of ManaCube uses the online world map?
During October of 2016, these 6 items were given out from special pumpkins dropped by mobs on Survival. What are they called?
How many main ranks are there now?
Do the Legendary Pickaxe and the Legendary Shovel have the exact, same enchantments?

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