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Can you name the dancers who performed the following So You Think You Can Dance routines?

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Zombie Hip-HopShane Sparks
'You Can't Stop the Beat' BroadwayTyce Diorio
'It Had to Be You' FoxtrotJean-Marc Genereux
The Table DanceMandy Moore
Adam and EveTyce Diorio
'Mad' Hip-HopTabitha and Napoleon
'If It Kills Me' ContemporaryTravis Wall
'Jum Bah Day' SambaLouis Van Amstel
The Butt Dance Mia Michaels
'Shake' Hip-HopShane Sparks
'Make it Work' Hip-HopShane Sparks
'Black Mambo'Alex Da Silva
Cartoon Burglars Wade Robson
'Knock on Wood' DiscoDoriana Sanchez
'A los Amigos' Argentine TangoDmitry Chaplin
'Falling Slowly' ContemporaryStacey Tookey
The Bed RoutineMia Michaels
'The Garden' JazzSonya Tayeh
Hair Pick Hip-HopTabitha and Napoleon
The Door DanceMia Michaels
'Imagine' Pas de DeuxDesmond Richarson
'All That Jazz' BroadwayTyce Diorio
'Gyrate' Hip-HopShane Sparks
'Hip Hip Chin Chin' Samba Dmitry Chaplin
'Why' ContemporayTyce Diorio
'Jazz Machine' SambaMary Murphy
RamalamaWade Robson
'Bleeding Love' Hip-Hop Tabitha and Napoleon
The Bench DanceMia Michaels
The Breast Cancer DanceTyce Diorio
'Libertango' Argentine TangoMiriam and Leonardo
The Addiction DanceMia Michaels
'No Air' Hip-HopTabitha and Napoleon
'Battlefield' Pop-JazzLaurie Ann Gibson
'The Rockafeller Skank' West Coast SwingBenji Schwimmer
'Wishing on a Star' RumbaTony Meredith
The Humming Bird and the FlowerWade Robson
Transformes Hip-HopShane Sparks
'Jai Ho' BollywoodNakul Dev Mahajan
'Dancing' ContemporaryMia Michaels

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