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Irish game with teams of 15 'hurlers' with ax-shaped sticks, two goals, and a small ball
A game with points scored by carrying or throwing a ball to get it to the opposing team's side
A game played on horseback. The riders use long mallets to drive a ball to the goal
2 teams of 11 kick a ball into a goal to score balls
Players try to throw a 16 pound (7 kg) metal ball as far as possible
Players catch and throw a rubber ball with netted sticks and throw it in the opposing team's goal
Players are thrown a ball and try to hit far to run bases
Players try to gain points by landing a ball beyond the other team's goal line or hitting it in an H-shaped goal
A bowler throws a ball at a wicket defended by a batsman
A club is used to hit a ball in a tiny hole on a long course
Players throw heavy balls at a much smaller ball, called a jack
A cue is used to knock 15 red balls and six different colored balls into pockets
Sport HintSport
Like Baseball, but with a bigger, thicker, and yellow ball
Players must throw a ball in a basket
Two teams of 6 players hit a ball over a high net and try to make it fall on the other side.
Players use a mallet to hit a ball through metal wickets
2 or 4 players use rackets to hit a ball over a low-lying net
A cue is used to hit a white ball to hit other balls into pockets
Players take turns to smash a rubber ball with a racquet against a wall
Like Tennis, but with an airy ball on a table
Players swim to catch a ball to throw it into the opposing goal
Players hurl a heavy ball down a wooden lane to knock down pins
Players toss or pinch glass 'cat eyes' at a specified target

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