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Can you name the words in these four four-letter ladders?

Updated Jan 11, 2012

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Ladder 1
____ Diagram (Ladder 4, last rung, written backwards) 
Unsuccessful movie 
Banana peels make you do this 
Hit with an open palm 
Shut a door forcefully 
Old name for Thailand 
Rock making up upper layer of Earth's crust 
Enter number to ring a phone 
Double (Ladder 2, first rung, written backwards) 
Ladder 2
Praise (Ladder 1, last rung, written backwards) 
Ruling family of Saudi Arabia 
Cars can do this on ice 
It's all over you 
Idi ____, 70s Ugandan leader 
____ Khan, boxer 
Monarch of Qatar or Kuwait 
Radiate (Ladder 3, first rung, written backwards) 
Ladder 3
Weekly magazine (Ladder 2, last rung, written backwards) 
Similar to a lemon 
Capital of Togo 
Theater booth, also a fire giant 
Company symbol 
Lome is the captial of this nation 
Worn by ancient Romans and party-goers 
Equivalent of a cent in Papua New Guinea 
Having digits on the foot 
____ off, started a round of golf 
Action (Ladder 4, first rung, written backwards) 
Ladder 4
Proof of possession of a property (Ladder 3, last rung, written backwards) 
Not living 
Very thin sheet of gold 
Something you can bake 
Title, plural form is a cricket ground 
What you're looking for 
Type of golf club 
Dog noise 
Related to a dog (Ladder 1, first rung, written backwards) 

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