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Can you name the words in this ladder, where each word can fit in the blank to make a new word?

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Ladder Word Clue / Long Word ClueLadder WordLong Word
South American civilization / Come back in a new formRE____RNATE
A small distance / Most important partL____PIN
Annoying pain / 60's ABC sitcomBEW____ED
Engrave / Arrow makerFL____ER
All, separately / Head of the Irish governmentTAOIS____
New Zealand beach house / Japanese stoveHI____I
Whack / Red-facedA____ED
Bottom / Made less valuableDE____D
Gareth ____, Welsh footballer / Medieval ranged weaponAR____ST
Untanned / SkeweredIM____D
Funeral cloth / TerribleA____ING
Commercial building / Quacking bird____ARD
Type of vinegar / From Valletta or Birkirkara____ESE
Drop feathers / Young salmonS____
Watery defense / A substance which cells move towardsCHE____TRACTANT
Irrelevant / Silk-likeS____H
Natural satellite / Holidaying newlywedsHONEY____ERS
River in Hampshire, UK / Any personSO____E
Element 10 / Relating to newborns____ATAL
Swiss city / It's Grand, in ArizonaCA____

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