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Can you name the person from each group who doesn't belong to the same time period as the other people?

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Historic PeopleWrong One Out
1) Louis XIV 2) Peter the Great 3) George Washington 4) Robert Walpole
1) Johannes Gutenberg 2) Henry the Navigator 3) Michelangelo 4) Joan of Arc
1) Otto von Bismarck 2) Napoleon Bonaparte 3) Leo Tolstoy 4) Marie Curie
1) Adolf Hitler 2) George W. Bush 3) Louis Pasteur 4) Mao Zedong
1) Guy Fawkes 2) Nicolaus Copernicus 3) Martin Luther 4) Christopher Columbus
1) Oliver Cromwell 2) Christopher Wren 3) Blaise Pascal 4) Walter Raleigh
1) Sitting Bull 2) John D. Rockefeller 3) Davy Crockett 4) George Armstrong Custer
1) Alexander the Great 2) Plato 3) Aristotle 4) Archimedes
Historic PeopleWrong One Out
1) René Descartes 2) Johann Sebastian Bach 3) Francis Bacon 4) Galileo Galilei
1) Montezuma II 2) Leonardo da Vinci 3) Geoffrey Chaucer 4) Vlad the Impaler
1) Augustus 2) Mark Antony 3) Julius Caesar 4) Hadrian
1) Maximilien de Robespierre 2) Gottfried Leibniz 3) Ludwig van Beethoven 4) Thomas Jefferson
1) Cardinal Richelieu 2) Suleiman the Magnificent 3) Ivan the Terrible 4) Anne Boleyn
1) Niccolò Machiavelli 2) William Shakespeare 3) Johannes Kepler 4) William of Orange
1) Marco Polo 2) Genghis Khan 3) Frederick I Barbarossa 4) Saladin
1) Horatio Nelson 2) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 3) Leonhard Euler 4) Edward Teach

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