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Hogwart's Position (book 7)
Snape is very talented in this mind related brand of magic
Spell of his own creation that causes an unidentifiable buzzing sound in the ears of those nearby
Tormentor of Snape during his Hogwarts days
Played a trick on Snape as kids that almost killed him
Office Location
Self-proclaimed title
Played in movies by
Spell of his own creation that causes a slashing cut
Snape's least favorite student (during Harry's time)
Trick he learned from He Who Must Not Be Named
Full name
Snape kills (in book 6)
Overheard prophecy by this person
Prefect during Snape's first year at Hogwarts
Snape was killed by
Spell of his own creation that affixes the victim's tongue to the roof of the mouth
Originally a member of this dark group
Person with whom he makes the unbreakable vow
Subject Taught (book 6)
Obstacle Snape devised to protect the Sorcerer's Stone (book 1)
Blood status
Snape's favorite student (during Harry's time)
Saves Harry from a broom jinx by this character (book 1)
'Everyone knows it's the ____ _____ he fancies'
Derogatory Nickname during Hogwarts days
Patronus form
Love interest
Club he helped Professor Lockhart oversee (book 2)
Succeeds Snape in his original teaching post (books 6-7)
Snape's favorite student to torment (during Harry's time)
Home Location
Hair Color
Eye Color
Hogwarts House
Snape is a member of this group formed by Dumbledore (book 5-6)
Harry Potter's son with same given name
Snape's Hogwarts Friends
Distinguishing feature on left forearm
Only accepts N.E.W.T students with this O.W.L grade
Spell of his own creation that dangles a person by their ankle in the air
Snape accidentally hexes off this character's ear (book 7)
Nose Type
Subject Taught (books 1-5)
Nickname (used by love interest)
Hair Texture

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