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Can you name the first quotes of these Rohan Potter characters?

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First QuoteCharacter
Your legs need a haircut!
You're stupid!
I came to warn you not to go to Cotenendwarts!
That's Professor Kay and Professor Callum. (again)
'Ello Potta 'n' Weysley!
I am a teacher! I used to pretend to be called Campbell Weasley!
Welcome to The Mr Alexander Show!
I cant belive kalvin klien havent been invented yet!
Do you like my iPhone?
Has anyone seen Jason Mason?
Thank you!
These teams are unfair!
First QuoteCharacter
Crabbe and Goyle earn diamonds 1000000 points for being cool!
My new assistant will tell you off!
Oh, that's my sister, Campbell Weasley!!!
You saved me!
He'll be a nice addition to my head collection...
Naughty Naughty!
Oh, I caught it! Well, I am snazzy at everything!
That's Professor Kay and Professor Callum.
Rohan your naughty!
Go to your room!
So, Rohan Potter!
We gaurd the prison of Azkabaning Everything.
Your a wizard Rohan!

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