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Can you name the Darkghost characters by these clues?

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Evil doctor from Darkghost Hallowe'en
The main character's dad
Villain that the drunk ghost got transformed into in Darkghost Hallowe'en
Older version of main character after going through a portal
Leader of the Northlake College Bullies
Gray Northlake Bully with sunglasses
Nameless sister of the main character's friend featured in Darkghost 11
Green best friend of the main character
There are four of them, and they are the main character's secret weapon.
Small companion of the evil doctor from Darkghost Hallowe'en
He's very strong!
The main character's sister
Main Character's negative
Nameless guy selling crisps
'Your legs need a haircut!'
The evil being in Hell
Stupid Northlake Bully with ear piercing
Main Character of the series
Pego C.E.O.
The badly drawn original main character
The main character's mum
French version of the main character
Cheesy version of the main character
Main character in a bio-suit
Red friend of the main character
The main character's brother
Cleverest Northlake College Bully

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