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Starts with 'A'
Generally thought of as a red fruit with lots of vitamin C 
Soft and juicy with a large seed in the center 
Buttery and rich flavor with soft flesh 
Starts with 'B'
Baseball sized with a green skin 
Yellow curved tropical fruit 
Tiny and black and grows on a bush 
Black and olive sized fruit commonly used for jams 
Tiny and blue, full of antioxidants 
Species of low growing shrubs 
Starts with 'C'
Green oddly shaped fruit with a white flesh and large seeds 
Small, red fruit with a seed in the center 
Fist sized with orange skin and flesh 
Used for oil and Coir 
Small, red, and tart 
Originated in India and Africa 
Starts with 'D'
Skin is covered in thorns 
Starts with 'F'
This is actually the flower of it's tree 
Starts with 'G'
Considered a 'breakfast favorite' and has a yellow skin 
Used to make wine 
Round or oval fruit with pink flesh 
Starts with 'H'
Type of melon 
Starts with 'J'
Large, green with a spiky outer layer 
Starts with 'K'
Hairy brown skin with a green flesh 
Starts with 'L'
The king of citrus fruits 
A green and tart citrus 
A cross between two other berries 
Starts with 'M'
Looks like an orange 
Tropical fruit with an orange inside 
Starts with 'N'
A hairless smooth form of another fruit 
Starts with 'O'
Popular citrus 
Starts with 'P'
Large fruit with orange flesh and several seeds in the center 
Thin, downy skin that is orange and yellow 
Native to northern Europe and can be green, yellow, or red 
Red, tomato like fruit with large leaves at the top 
Large, spiky yellow fruit with big green leaves at the top 
Small, generally a deep purple color 
Native to Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina 
Large and red where the seeds are the fruit 
Starts with 'R'
Red berry 
Starts with 'Q'
Large, yellow, and belongs to the pome fruit family 
Starts with 'S'
Citrus fruit that looks like an orange 
Red berry 
Starts with 'T'
Egg shaped, red fruit 
Another citrus fruit 
People think it's a vegetable... 
Starts with 'U'
A Jamaican tangelo 
Starts with 'W'
Common green skinned fruit with red inside 

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