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QUIZ: Can you name the A-Z of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion?

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AThe Member of Chorrol Mages Guild who's wife often visits
BThe actor who does the voice over for Martin Septim
CThe Daedra that looks like a Triceratops
DThe Guild which contains Ocheeva
EA High Elf who wants the book 'Fingers of a Mountain'
FA HIgh Elf dating Atraena
GThe nickname the Grand Champion
HThe Plant in the Planes of Oblivion the whip you when you walk past
IThe Magic whos spells contains Paralyse and Daylight
JThe Khajiit in Mogens Wind-Shifter's Clan
KThe Argonian who misses her friend Henantier
LMaiq the _____
MThe Daedric Prince that attacked Imperial City
NThe type of magic that Hannibal Traven banned
OThe species that is green!
PA type of Horse
QAn object found around Inkwells and Parchment
RA creatue with 4 Health
STown South of Chorrol and North of Anvil
TThe Wood Elf who the quest 'Unfriendly Competition is based
UThe Emperor voiced by Patrick Stuart
VCount Hassildor is one
WThe Staff you get for completing the Sheogarath Quest
XThe God of Secret Knowledge and Ancestery
YA miscellanious object weigh 1.5 and a base value of 0
ZAn Undead creature

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