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What type of damage does red buff apply?
What is the only champion who has an ability that removes supressions?
Does cleanse remove Death Sentence?
Does Swain's spell vamp remain during zhonyas
Can Tryndamere ult while silenced?
Is there a cap on the amount of spell vamp possible to attain?
What ad carry besides Ezreal is able to break blitzcrank's rocket grab?
What is the only champion with an ability that applies percent hp true damage?
Does sunfire cape apply during Zac's passive?
Is there a cast range on Lee Sin's resonating strike?
Does magic penetration do more damage if the amount is greater than the target's magic resist?
Does deathfire grasp's modification of incoming damage apply to all allied champions?
Can you cleanse knockups/knockbacks?
Does ashe's Volley slow scale off of the level of Volley or Frost Shot?
Does amumu's ultimate prevent auto attacks?
Does Tryndamere's Spinning Slash deal Physical or Magic Damage?
What is the only champion with 2 abilities that occur instantly?
What is the only champion that can break Anivia's Wall and Jarvan's Cataclysm?
What is the highest base movespeed in the game (2 champions)
What champion has the lowest cooldown on their ultimate?

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