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Who is the lead singer of The Strokes?
Who was The Strokes' long-time manager and Julian Casablancas' current wife?
What is the title of the mini-documentary which chronicles their 2002 tour?
Who did The Strokes open for in their 'Is This It?' tour?
Which song was left off of the US version of 'Is This It?'
What is the original name of the song 'Between Love and Hate'?
Who did the Strokes collaborate with for the song 'Modern Girls and Old Fashion Men'?
Which two music videos feature Casablancas throwing his microphone stand?
In which Daft Punk song off of Random Access Memories is Julian Casablancas featured in?
Which Strokes album was named the second best album of the 2000's by Rolling Stone magazine?
Who is the bass player for the Strokes?
Which member of the Strokes is also in the band Nickel Eye?
Which member of the Strokes is also in the band Little Joy?
Which member of the Strokes has a solo album called '¿Cómo Te Llama?'
Which Strokes member dated both Drew Barrymore and Kristen Wiig
In what country did Casablancas and Albert Hammond, jr. meet?
Casablancas, Moretti and Valensi started playing together while attending which school?
'This Life' is an early version of which Strokes song?
The Strokes are/were under the recording contract of which record label?
How many albums were The Strokes required to produce under the contract of this record label?
In what month and year was the most recent Strokes album released?
What is the name of Casablancas' solo album?
In what year was the album 'Angles' released?
Which album was released in 2006
What was the first single of the album 'Room on Fire'?

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