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Good Will ________Matt Damon, Robin WIlliams
Shutter _______ Leonardo DiCaprio. Mark Ruffallo
Green _______Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively
Green ______Seth Rogen
On the __________Marlon Brando
Raiders of the ____ ArkHarrison Ford
The ______ MileTom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan
Body of _____Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe
A Beautiful ____Russell Crowe
The King's ______Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush
The ___ DiaryJohnny Depp (Terrible movie!)
The Imaginarium of ______ ParnassusAndrew Garfield, Christopher Plummer
The ______ NetworkJesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield
Pineapple ________Seth Rogen, James Franco
Saturday Night ______John Travolta
HintAnswerExtra info
Mystic _____Sean Penn, Tim Robbins
A Few ____ MenTom Cruise, Jack Nicholson
As Good As It ____Jack Nicholson
Happy _______Adam Sandler
The Adjustment _______Matt Damon, Emily Blunt
Seven ________Toshiro Mifune
City of ___Alexandre Rodrigues
____ WindowJames Stewart
North by __________Cary Grant
American _______ XEdward Norton
________ AwayDaveigh Chase
Paths of ______Kirk Douglas
_______ for a DreamEllen Burstyn
________ DogsHarvey Keitel
The _______ ManOrson Welles

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