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Can you fill the blanks from the statements of Caitanya Caritamrita Adi-lila chapter 2?

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The Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna Himself is Lord ________________
The Vaikunthas are manifestations of Krishna's _________ energy
The ocean of conclusions about the ultimate truth is full of the crocodiles of various ____________
Aquatic animals are compared to various philosophical __________________
The Kaviraj compares his tongue to a _____________
Useless sounds do not help us realise transcendental __________________
Krishna consciousness is full of dancing and singing about Krishna's __________
All glories to the devotees of Lord ________!
The third verse is an auspicious vibration that describes the Absolute _________
The Supersoul is Lord Caitanya's localised plenary ___________
Upanisad compilers speak very highly of impersonal ___________
The beginning of spiritual enlightenment is realisatin of impersonal __________
Brahman comprises the personal bodily rays of ____________
Paramatma is a plenary representation of ____________ Mahaprabhu
Lord Caitanya is the master of all ___________, strength, fame, beauty, knowledge and renunciation.
No one is greater than or even ________ to Lord Caitanya
The Supersoul is the goal of those who perform the ________ practices.
The Personality of Godhead is the complete form of full life, knowledge and _________
The truth about Lord Caitanya's position is confirmed in the Tattva-sandarbha, by Srila _________ Gosvami
The predicate of the Personality of Godhead is the original _______
A predicate always follows the _______
Krishna is the summum bonum of the all-____________ Vishnu
The son of ___________ Maharaj descended to the earth as Lord Caitanya
A subject should always be mentioned before its ________

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