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Law which organized the Judicial Branch
Case which established Judicial review
Number of Justices on the Supreme Court
The president defers to a senator about a vacancy in the district court of a certain state. This is called….
An order to draw up the records of a case from a lower court
Responsible for reviewing all federal judicial appointments
Number of justices needed to have the Supreme Court hear a case
Trial courts that hear the majority of federal cases
Intermediate courts where cases usually come before the Supreme Court
Courts whose creation was mandated or implied by the Constitution
Courts which were created by Congress for a specific purpose
The only court which has both original and appellate jurisdiction
Lawyer who represents the federal government in cases that are before the US Supreme Court
Amicus Curiae means…
Segment of a Supreme Court hearing where attorneys are questioned and the public can listen
Philosophy that judges should restrain their own principles and let the rulings of the other branches stand
Question Answer
Philosophy that judges should use their powers to further justice and widen the scope of government involvement
Belief that rulings should be made based on what the Founders intended
Length of term for most federal judges
How judicial rulings are made into actual policy
Body which has the responsibility of confirming all appointments to the federal bench
Depending on past rulings to decide new cases
Chief law enforcement officer in each judicial district
The section of law which regulates conduct by individuals and is prosecuted by the government
The section of law which covers relationship and behavior between individuals or businesses-not initiated by the government
Chief Justice who helped the Supreme Court gain much of its power
Specific Constitutional qualifications to be a Justice of the Supreme Court
Law school graduates who assist Justices of the Supreme Court
Through their rulings the Justices effectively make/shape …
Roe v. Wade is an example of…
DC v. Heller is an example of...

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