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The President must be a ______ _______ citizen
As chief __________ the president enforces the laws of the United States
The President is hosting the leader of a foreign country. He is acting as head of _________
The President's role within the military is that of...
With the increase in power the president has as of late, many would label the position as an...
When the president uses his office to influence the Congress and/or the public, he is using his…
When the president orders the forgiveness of a federal offense what constitutional power is he using?
How old must a person be in order to hold the office of president?
The body which elects the president and vice president
Should the president become incapacitated or unable to serve who acts as president?
Who is second in line to succeed the president should both of these people become unable to serve?
The event which fulfills the president's constitutional duty to inform Congress of his activities?
Group of advisors who hold top offices within the executive branch
The top unconfirmed advisor to the president
A form of veto which the president can use to reject bills while Congress is in recess
When the president's popularity is usually its highest
The president has the power to __________ treaties
An informal accord between the United States and a foreign nation which doesn't require Senate ratification
Presidential directives which have the force of law
Attachments to a new law which allow the president to specify how that law will be enforced/ enacted
Principle which allows presidents to withhold private/confidential communications from the courts and the public
The president can _________ special sessions of congress
20th Century law which limits the president's role as commander-in-chief
The president has the important informal role of _________ new legislation
The president can _________ National Guard troops for use at home and abroad
The White House office responsible for developing the federal budget
Number of terms to which a president is limited
The process by which a president can be removed from office
Informal political role a sitting president holds
Formal event which marks the beginning of a presidential term

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