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Can you name the Civil Liberties and Civil Rights?

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Personal guarantees that the government cannot abridge are
This doctrine ensures that states do not infringe certain rights
The incorporation doctrine was established in
Near v. Minnesota incorporated
Mapp v. Ohio incorporated
Gideon v. Wainwright incorporated
This case established a test for laws dealing with religious establishment
This test determines whether a law violates the establishment clause
This clause guarantees no prohibition of religion
This prevents the government from limiting speech before it happens
This test determines whether speech could be detrimental to America
Tinker v. Des Moines dealt with
This type of speech could cause anger based on discrimination
Profanity, obscenity, and threats are all examples of
Landmark ruling requiring police to inform suspects of their rights
The clear and present danger test was established in
Police are required to read a suspect his/her
Landmark case where death penalty was ruled cruel and unusual due to its use
This case established the right to privacy in a marriage
Landmark case legalizing abortion
This case declared that black people were not citizens
Doctrine legalized in Plessy v. Ferguson
This case ended legalized segregation
Event that started the Civil Rights movement
Heart of Atlanta v. United States denied segregation based on
Landmark legislation combating segregation
This outlawed any and all poll taxes in any state
This legislatin fulfilled the promise of the 15th Amendment
Case that limited affirmative action
These cases in 1883 ruled Congress could not limit segregation

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