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QUIZ: Can you name the The American Congress?

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The Rules Committee is in the __________
Filibusters happen in the __________
State Representatives originally sent these to Congress
How many votes are needed to overcome a filibuster?
Congress can override a Presidential
The Senate confirms
To impeach a President, a vote must pass through the
Impeachment trials are voted on by
Congress has the military power to
In foreign policy matters, the Senate must approve
Congressional districts are drawn by
Messing up districts to help advance a specific party is
This person runs the House
The head of the Senate when the Vice President is not available
The 16th Amendment extened Congress's power to include
This gives Congress enumerated powers
This clause gives Congress broad power over regulating commerce
This House committee deals with taxes
All of these bills must start in the House
These are extremely specific groups in Congress
These committees deals with expenditures of money
The President Pro Tempore is typically the Senator with
House members must be this old
Senators must be this old
To vote on a bill, Congress must reach a

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