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AFirst name of drug lord and prison 'Authority Figure'
BStreet name of drug dealer who started in the low rises.
CFirst name of chief enforcer in Stanfield Crew
DLast name of western district officer shot while making a reverse buy
EFirst name of McNulty's Ex-Wife
FStreet level dealer supplied by Nick Sabotka
GLast name of female detective
HNickname given to Colvin's 'Free zones'
IUnion that is featured heavily in season 2
JName of prison where various members of several drug crews serve tim
KYoung member of Michael's crew
LLast name of famed stick up artist
MWhere McNulty didn't want to go
NFirst name of Wee-Bey's son
OName of strip club used as a front by the Barksdale crew in season 1
PLester spent 13 years and 4 months in this unit
QStringer Bell is compared to this chess piece
RFirst name of addict known as 'Bubbles'
SThe Baltimore _____ - Newsroom featured in season 5
TFirst name of candidate in primary election held in season 4
UProposition Joe is this relation to Cheese
VRim shop owner and Marlo Stanfield advisor
WHerc and Carver transfer here after the port case
XThis type of machine posed as a lie detector
Y'__________ top!! Got that __________ top!'
ZHe's 'A Legend of the Docks'

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