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Another name for username
Fan-created visual depiction of characters/people
Animated image, name causes fights to the death
Show about two brothers hunting monsters
Dramatic frog, sometimes said to be 'rare'
Often strange or bizarre images of random objects, such as an iPad submerged in water or nails in a bowl
A short story involving celebrities/characters meant to place the reader into the plot, usually as a main character
Popular British magical book series and movie saga
A verb for surfing through Tumblr's home page or a tag
Fans of John and Hank Green
Cartoon about undersea animals and a burger restaurant
Kids' cartoon show about a hero in a hat and his dog friend
A group of people passionate about one thing
Show about an eccentric detective and his doctor partner
Team of superheroes that includes a god and a patriot
Movie series revival of old sci-fi show featuring the USS Enterprise
Books/movies about a futuristic televised fight to the death
Fantasy series set in Middle-earth
World-famous boyband
The side of Tumblr that posts Starbucks pictures and tags things as 'soft grunge'
Term for popular video creators/posters, usually British
Show about werewolves and lacrosse players
Area where you put a description and links
Fantasy show about the fight for the Iron Throne
A trending joke, phrase, picture, etc that most often makes little sense
An alternative band known for their long song titles
Tumblr's favorite food
Taking a post from someone else and making it appear on your blog
Two people who you love together
Your ultimate couple, fictional or not
A phrase by which certain topics can be searched for on Tumblr, often placed at the bottom of a post
Tumblr-popular actress famed for derp faces and being Katniss
A group of animated images, placed together in a single post
Identical British twins who run a successful video channel
A popular company whose symbol is a mouse
Long-running British sci-fi show
Message format that allows for URLs
A Photoshopped image, usually with artistic effects
Piece of writing about popular characters/people
Show about a man who eats humans
Musical show featuring a high school choral group from Ohio
TV show based on books about a vampire-human love triangle set in Mystic Falls
Design setup of a blog, made from codes
Rapidly growing Australian band of 4 teenage boys
A wave of these hits you when your favorite person/pairing does something
Book/movie series about demon hunters and ink markings
The name for Tumblr's homepage
Popular blogs are this
Made up of writing alone, often humorous and/or relatable
Show about a famous medieval wizard and king
A female who loves a show/band/person/book passionately (also a verb for freaking out)

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