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What do you use to find end portals?
What is the only biome where you can find emeralds?
How many minutes equal one Minecraft day?
As of 2016, how many temples are there?
Which is the biggest temple?
What is the Hell dimension?
What is the world generator?
Which is rarer? Diamonds or Pumpkins?
What level can you find diamonds?
What is it called when two players fight against each other?
What is the company name?
What mob protects the outside of an ocean monument?
What was the original name for Minecraft?
The creeper was a coding error when notch was trying to make a what?
What is the mine craft gaming fest?
What british youtuber has 3 million subscribers from mine craft?
What enemy spawns when you use ender pearls?
What do endermen do to escape from you?
How many colors of sheep are there?
How many days did it take to develop the first version of mine craft?

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