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What does Mr. Garrison sing in 'It Hits the Fan'?
How much money does the Loch-Ness Monster want?
What is the name of the hooker that Jimmy sleeps with?
What is the name of Timmy's band?
'My Heart says yes, but my _______ says no!'
What do Randy and Gerald watch eachother do in the hot tub?
What game do Stan and Kyle try to break 1,000,000 points on?
What is Towelie's comeback?
Who is the only boy that can stop the Pandemic?
What does the brown noise make you do?
Who does the school hire to solve the mystery of the poop in the urinal?
What do the students call Ms. Chokesondik to make fun of her?
What do the boys mix with sea-monkey eggs to make them civilized?
Who is the character in 'Red Man's Greed', that noone knows?
What present does Stan get that kills people?
Who plays Hello Kitty Island Adventure?
What is Mysterion's secret identity?
What about The Coon?
And Mint-Berry Crunch?
What show is written by Manatees?
What does the TSA lady say?
What does Cartman want Kyle to do over the span of the Imaginationland episodes?
Who does Liane Cartman hire to make Eric obedient?
What do the kids say when they jack dogs off?
What celebrity does Cartman's hand date?
Who has a sanctuary for gay animals?
What does Ike say all the time for no reason?
What is the name of the boy band that Cartman starts?
Who does The Coon team up with?
In 'Probably', Which guy does Satan end up choosing to be with?
Where do the goth kids send the 'head vampire' to?
Who is the first person in South Park to get infected with the zombie virus?
What is Cartman's biggest fear about water parks?
Who holds Oprah Winfrey hostage?
What does TSA stand for?
Which food does the asian man choose to eat in 'The Human Cent-ipad'
What stereotype does Randy think is a wax figure in The Museum of Tolerance, when it is actually just a person?
What does Cartman do to get detention to get out of fighting Wendy?
Who does Cartman hire to smear paint on Butters' walls?
What is the name of Cartman's pet robot in the future?
Who keeps all of the dead celebrities in purgatory?
What is the name of the Anti-Bullying company that does an assembly at South Park Elementary School?
Who came up with the idea to go ziplining?
Who kills Pip?
What are the three memes that are 'approved'?
What does Snooki want?
What type of ginger is Kyle?
What does Stan do everytime he is in love?
Where does Cartman hide Butters so he can go to Casa Bonita?
What kind of pants does Osama Bin Laden have?
What is the name of the dad who fights Randy in the state playoffs?
Who kills Clyde Frog?
Who do the boys summon in 'Hell on Earth 2006'?
Who bullies Butters?
Who comes to South Park because of Cartman's rainforest paper?

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