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What is the name of the first place you go to after th Chinese Base?Operation: Anchorage
How many people are in your 'squad'afteryou infiltrate the Chinese Base?Operation: Anchorage
What year does Operation:Anchorage take place in?Operation: Anchorage
What deadly creature does the 2nd quest in Broken Steel involve?Broken Steel
What level does Broken Steel raise your level cap to?Broken Steel
What does Liberty Prime say when he is blown into smitherines?Broken Steel
What deformed creatures occupy The Pitt?The Pitt
What is The Pitt run by?The Pitt
What is the name of The Pitt's leader?The Pitt
What is the name of the man who takes you to Point Lookout?Point Lookout
What is the name of the girl the women is looking for at the Riverboat Crossing?Point Lookout
-Follow-up from last question- What color did the women say her hair was?Point Lookout
What part of the Capital Wasteland is the spaceship?Mothership Zeta
What type ammo do the alien guns take? Mothership Zeta
What suit do you take off of the dead guy in the frozen tanks?Mothership Zeta

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