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Can you name the Roman Gods?

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GreekRomanGod/Goddess of...
ZeusLord of the sky, gods and thunder
HeraProtector of marriage
PoseidonRuler of the seas
HadesGod of the underworld
AthenaGoddess of the city, educatioin and war
ArtemimsGoddess of hunting
AphroditeGoddess of Love and Beauty
HermesMessenger god
AresGod of war
GreekRomanGod/Goddess of...
HephaestusGod of forge and fire, workman of the immortals
HestiaGoddess of hearth and home
ErosGod of love
PersephoneGoddess of spring
DemeterGoddess of the corn, earth and harvest
DionysusGod of wine and merriment
EosGoddess of the dawn
HecateGoddess of the crossways and magic

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