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LyricName of Song
For every last queen need a queen, if you love me now then forever hold this ring
Dimes, quarters, grams. I don't smoke that's for Trell
Pics of your prince in your locker, put this lipgloss on and get them haters poppin lil mama
Get you thrown some jacks
She don't play no games, she blow me like a sega
She difficult to reach but I'm harder to find cus she don't know me by name..
Ya I make it rain deer cus I'm all about my bucks
This that big bang rapper ballin, huh I don't even drink, but she alcoholic
Then she back to her life. I'm back to the money, cus money my life
Look at my flow, look at my eyes. Tell me what you see don't lie.
You can say I blue's you, better than I bruised you
Give me the loot, Give me the loot, B I G in the suit
I'm turnt up, I can't fell my face ooh
LyricName of Song
Last King, Golds on My colar bone fresh Got that immortal technique flow
Put my cream on her face now she thinks it O'lay
Needs no intro Tyga she already know, come and spend the night with me and tell me what you're into
Ssshh chillin tropic, **** give me pounds im a trending topic
Every show sold, promote it on twitter
Wake up when it's lunch, walk like I'm drunk. Swagger so ughh.
Some people think its wrong being single isn't right, but if you hurt the right person you'll be wrong all your life
I don't know what you talkin bout, flossin now you need dentist
You know I really love you that's the real its gonna get
This beat got me joggin, easy for a caveman
Not from Chi city but I make the Ill-i-noise
I don't wanna feel like most rappers feel when they get a deal like yea I'm better than him

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