Ultimate Hip Hop Discography Part II

Can you name the Ultimate Hip Hop Discography Part II?

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Artist (w/ year)Album Song(s)
Big K.R.I.T. (2012) Money on the Floor, Yeah Dat's Me
Big K.R.I.T. (2014) Pay Attention, Soul Food
Big K.R.I.T. (2017) Confetti, Aux Cord
Big Pun (1998) Still Not a Player, You Came Up
Big Pun (2000) It's So Hard, 100%
Macklemore (2012) Thrift Shop, White Walls
Macklemore (2016)Downtown, Dance Off
Macklemore (2017) Glorious, Good Old Days
Young Thug (2015) Check, Constantly Hating
Young Thug (2015) Take Kare, Wood Would
Young Thug (2015) Pull Up on a Kid, Never Made Love
Young Thug (2016) For My People, **** Cancer (Boosie)
Young Thug (2016) Slime ****, Digits
Young Thug (2016) Wyclef Jean, Guwop
Young Thug (2017) Relationship, Daddy's Home
Young Thug (2017) Homie, Liger
Young Thug (2017) Patek Water, No Cap
Dizzy Wright (2013) 2 Wings And A Crown, Bout That Life
Dizzy Wright (2014) New Generation, Too Real For This
Dizzy Wright (2015) Train Your Mind, God Bless America
Dizzy Wright (2017) Fraud, Pet Peeve
Dizzy Wright (2017) Alkaline Diet, Making Plays
Lupe Fiasco (2006) I Gotcha, Daydreamin'
Lupe Fiasco (2007) Dumb It Down, Superstar
Lupe Fiasco (2011) The Show Goes On, Out of My Head
Lupe Fiasco (2012) Lamborghini Angels, Battle Scars
Lupe Fiasco (2015)Mural, Prisoner 1 & 2
Lupe Fiasco (2017) Jump, Made in the USA
Mick Jenkins (2014) Martyrs, Jerome
Mick Jenkins (2015) Slumber, Alchemy
Mick Jenkins (2016) Spread Love, Drowning
The Notorious B.I.G. (1994) Juicy, Big Poppa
The Notorious B.I.G. (1997) Hypnotize, Mo Money Mo Problems
The Notorious B.I.G. (1999) Dead Wrong, Dangerous MC's
The Notorious B.I.G. (2005) Nasty Girl, Spit Your Game
The Notorious B.I.G. (2017) When We Party, NYC
Onyx (1993) Slam, Throw Ya Gunz
Onyx (1995) Live Niguz, Last Dayz
Onyx (1998) React, The Worst
Onyx (2002) Hood Beef, Onyx Is Back
Onyx (2003) Gun Clap Music, Look Dog
Onyx (2014) We Don't Fu#kin Care, Dirty Cops
Onyx (2018) Chasing the Devil, Ima F*ckin Rockstar
Denzel Curry (2013)Dark & Violent, Threatz
Denzel Curry (2015) Planet Shrooms Ultimate, Ice Age
Denzel Curry (2016) This Life, Gook
Denzel Curry (2017) Equalizer, Hate Government
Juicy J (2013) Bounce It, Bandz a Make Her Dance
Juicy J (2016) All Night, Green Suicide
Juicy J (2017) Feed The Streets, Flood Watch
Freddie Gibbs (2010) Oil Money, National Anthem (FTW)
Freddie Gibbs (2013) One Eighty Seven, Certified Live
Freddie Gibbs (2014) Thuggin', Sh!tsville
Freddie Gibbs (2015) White Range, Diamonds
Freddie Gibbs (2015) Extradite, 10 Times
Freddie Gibbs (2017) Amnesia, 20 Karat Jesus
Flatbush Zombies (2012) Thug Waffle, S.C.O.S.A.
Flatbush Zombies (2013) Palm Trees, God Blessed the Dead
Flatbush Zombies (2014) LUAM, XYNO
Flatbush Zombies (2016) Ascension, Your Favorite Rap Song
Flatbush Zombies (2018) N/A
Rittz (2013) Switch Lanes, Wastin Time
Rittz (2014) In My Zone, Profit
Rittz (2016) Ghost Story, Propane
Rittz (2017) Dork Rap, Indestructible
Run The Jewels (2013) 36' Chain, Sea Legs
Run The Jewels (2014)Jeopardy, All Due Respect
Run The Jewels (2015) Pawfluffer Night, Snug Again
Run The Jewels (2016) Legend Has It, Stay Gold
Scarface (1991) Born Killer, Body Snatchers
Scarface (1993) Let Me Roll, You Don't Hear Me Doe
Scarface (1994) I Seen a Man Die, The White Sheet
Scarface (2002) My Block, Someday
Scarface (2015) Do What I Do, Dope Man Pushin'
Vic Mensa (2013) Tweakin', Holy Holy
Vic Mensa (2016) 16 Shots, Liquor Locker
Vic Mensa (2017) Rollin' Like A Stoner, OMG
Jeezy (2005) Thug Motivation 101 And Then What, Soul Survivor
Jeezy (2006) I Luv It, Go Getta
Jeezy (2008) My President, Vacation
Jeezy (2011) Hustlerz Ambition Lose My Mind, F.A.M.E.
Jeezy (2014) The Autobiography Me OK, Holy Ghost
Artist (w/ year)Album Song(s)
Jeezy (2015)Gold Bottles, Sweet Life
Jeezy (2016)In The Air, Let Em Know
Jeezy (2017) American Dream, Cold Summer
Jarren Benton (2013) Razor Blades & Steak Knives, Dreams
Jarren Benton (2015)Atychiphobia, Hallelujah
Jarren Benton (2016)WTFUTB, Tec in the Church
Jarren Benton (2017) $30k Mink, Mental Issues
J. Cole (2007) Carolina On My Mind, College Boy
J. Cole (2009)Lights Please, Dollar and a Dream II
J. Cole (2010) Villematic, Looking for Trouble
J. Cole (2011) The Sideline Story Mr. Nice Watch, Nobody's Perfect
J. Cole (2013)Power Trip, Forbidden Fruit
J. Cole (2014)A Tale of 2 Citiez, G.O.M.D.
J. Cole (2016) Neighbors, Deja Vu
Injury Reserve (2015)Ttktv, Yo
Injury Reserve (2016) All This Money, S on Ya Chest
Injury Reserve (2017) See You Sweat, Boom (X3)
Immortal Technique (2001) Dance With The Devil, Beef & Broccoli
Immortal Technique (2003) Peruvian Cocaine, Obnoxious
Immortal Technique (2008) Lick Shots, Payback
Death Grips (2011) Guillotine, Klink
Death Grips (2012) I've Seen Footage, Blackjack
Death Grips (2012) Lock Your Doors, Black Dice
Death Grips (2013) I'm Overflow, Two Heavens
Death Grips (2015) Have a Sad Cum BB, Pss Pss
Death Grips (2016) BB Poison, 80808
CZARFACE (2013) Czar Refaeli, World War 4
CZARFACE (2015)World Premier, Ka-Bang!
CZARFACE (2016) Tarantulas, Steranko
CZARFACE (2017)Funky Premonition, A Falling Czar
CZARFACE (2018) Nautical Depth
Big Sean (2011)Marvin & Chardonnay, Dance (A$$)
Big Sean (2012)Experimental, 100
Big Sean (2013)Beware, World Ablaze
Big Sean (2015)Blessings, Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)
Big Sean (2016) w/ Jhene AikoSelfish, 2 Minute Warning
Big Sean (2017)No Favors, Bounce Back
Big Sean (2017) Pull Up N Wreck, Go Legend
Cannibal Ox (2001)Ox out the Cage, Raspberry Fields
Cannibal Ox (2013) Psalm 82, Gases in Hell (Inhale)
Cannibal Ox (2015) Thunder in July, Iron Rose
Aesop Rock (1997) Wake Up Call, Coward of the Year
Aesop Rock (2000) Garbage, I'll Be OK
Aesop Rock (2001) Bent Life, One Brick
Aesop Rock (2003)We're Famous, Super Fluke
Aesop Rock (2007) Getaway Car, Dark Heart News
Aesop Rock (2012)Crows 2, Zero Dark Thirty
Aesop Rock (2016) Rings, Kirby
21 Savage (2016)No Advance, X
21 Savage (2017)Bank Account, Money Convo
21 Savage (2017) Run Up the Racks, Still Serving
Jadakiss (2001) Show Discipline, On My Way
Jadakiss (2004)Welcome to D-Block, Real Hip Hop
Jadakiss (2009) By My Side, Death Wish
Jadakiss (2015) Jason, Cutlass
Jadakiss (2017) Stand Up, Theme Music
Apathy (2011) All I Think About, Army of the Godz
Apathy (2014) Back in New England, Jack Ruby
Apathy (2016)Amon Raw, Don't Touch That Dial
Apathy (2017) w/ O.C. Winter Winds, Stompkillcrushmode
Beastie Boys (1986)Brass Monkey, Fight For Your Right
Beastie Boys (1989)Car Thief, Shake Your Rump
Beastie Boys (1992)Funky Boss, Finger Lickin' Good
Beastie Boys (1994)Get It Together, Futterman's Rule
Beastie Boys (1998)Three MC's and One DJ, The Move
Beastie Boys (2004)Oh Word?, Shazam!
Beastie Boys (2011) Funky Donkey, Make Some Noise
Big L (1995) 8 Iz Enuff, Da Graveyard
Big L (2000) Deadly Combination, Fall Back
Cypress Hill (1991)Latin Lingo, Hand On the Pump
Cypress Hill (1993)Insane in the Brain, Hits from the Bong
Cypress Hill (1995) Temple of Boom Stoned Raiders, Boom Biddy Bye Bye
Cypress Hill (1998)Audio X, Tequila Sunrise
Cypress Hill (2000) Cuban Necktie
DJ Hoppa (2015)Home Invasion, Shine the Light
DJ Hoppa (2015) w/ Demrick Keep One Rolled, Nobody's Safe
DJ Hoppa (2016) w/ Gavlyn Stoner Love Song, No Backpacks
Gorillaz (2001)Clint Eastwood, 19-2000
Artist (w/ year)Album Song(s)
Gorillaz (2005) Dirty Harry, Feel Good Inc.
Gorillaz (2010) Stylo, Superfast Jellyfish
Gorillaz (2011) Phoner to Arizona, Aspen Forest
Gorillaz (2017) Ascension, Momentz
Joe Budden (2013)All In My Head, Ghetto Burbs
Joe Budden (2014)OLS4, Only Human
Joe Budden (2015)Slaughtermouse, Immortal
Joe Budden (2016) Serious, Flex
KRS-One (1987) 9mm Goes Bang, The Bridge Is Over
KRS-One (1988) Illegal Business, Part Time Suckers
KRS-One (1993) Black Cop, Sound of da Police
KRS-One (1995) De Automatic, R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.
Kurupt (1998) Ask Yourself A Question, Light **** Up
Kurupt (1999)Loose Cannons, Your Gyrl Friend
The LOX (1998) Get This $, I Wanna Thank You
The LOX (2000)Blood Pressure, Bring It On
The LOX (2016) Omen, Secure The Bag
Madchild (2012) Devil's Reject, Monster
Madchild (2013)Chainsaw, Kill Kill Kill
Madchild (2014)Hellbound, Blitzkrieg
Madchild (2015)Jackel, 50 Seven
Madchild (2017)Double Tap, Body Bag
Migos (2014)M&M's, HotBoy
Migos (2015)Dab Daddy, Highway 85
Migos (2017) Bad and Boujee, Slippery
Migos (2018) Open It Up, White Sand
Milo (2014) Argyle Fox, In Gaol
Milo (2015) Souvenir, True Nen
Milo (2017) ??!!?!?!?!Sorcerer, Ornette's Swan Song
Mos Def (1999)Do It Now, Climb
Mos Def (2004)Grown Man Business, The Rape Over
Mos Def (2009) Auditorium, No Hay Nada Mas
Murs (2014)My Own Parade, Serge's Song
Murs (2015)Mi Corazon, P T S D
Murs (2017) Lemon Juice, Xmas and Thanksgiving
Obie Trice (2003)Sh!t Hits The Fan, Lady
Obie Trice (2006)Snitch, Jamaican Girl
Obie Trice (2009)You've Been Slain, Cool Cats
Obie Trice (2012) Richard, Spend the Day
Obie Trice (2015)Dealer, Detroit State of Mind
Royce Da 5'9 (2002) De-elite, Nickel Nine Is...
Royce Da 5'9 (2004)Throw Back, Call Me Never!
Royce Da 5'9 (2009)Dinner Time, The Warriors
Royce Da 5'9 (2011)Writers Block, My Own Planet
Royce Da 5'9 (2014)Courtesy, Microphone Preem
Royce Da 5'9 (2016)Which Is Cool, Rap on Steroids
Royce Da 5'9 (2016)Wait, Gottaknow
Royce Da 5'9 (2018) Era
Snoop Dogg (1993) Gin And Juice, Murder Was The Case
Snoop Dogg (1996)Up Jump Tha Boogie, Gold Rush
Snoop Dogg (2000)Wrong Idea, Lay Low
Snoop Dogg (2006)Vato, Gangbangin' 101
Snoop Dogg (2009)Upside Down, I Wanna Rock
Snoop Dogg (2011)My Fucn House, This Weed Iz Mine
Snoop Dogg (2015)I'm Ya Dogg, Peaches N Cream
Snoop Dogg (2016)Oh Na Na, Kush Ups
Snoop Dogg (2017) Mount Kushmore, Swivel
Snoop Dogg (2017) 3's Company, Dis Finna Be a Breeze!
Statik Selektah (2013)The Spark, Camouflage Dons
Statik Selektah (2014)Carry On, Slum Villain
Statik Selektah (2015)Hood Boogers, The Trophy Room
Statik Selektah (2016)Magic & Bird, Lets Go
Statik Selektah (2017) Put Jewels on It, Go Gettas
Stevie Stone (2012)808 Bendin', Dollar General
Stevie Stone (2013)Hush, The Baptism
Stevie Stone (2015)Boss Sh!tt, Rated X
Stevie Stone (2017) Options, All Yours
T.I. (2007)Hurt, Touchdown
T.I. (2008) Whatever You Like, Dead And Gone
T.I. (2010)That's All She Wrote, Poppin Bottles
T.I. (2014)New National Anthem, No Mediocre
T.I. (2016) We Will Not, Switchin Lanes
Xzibit (1996) Positively Negative, Birds Eye View
Xzibit (1999) 3 Card Molly, Let It Rain
Xzibit (2000)Don't Approach Me, U Know
Xzibit (2002)My Name, Heart of Man
Xzibit (2012) Dos Equis, Meaning of Life
MGK (2012) Wild Boy, Edge Of Destruction
MGK (2015)Bad Motherf*cker, Oz.
MGK (2017) Trap Paris, The Gunner

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