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QUIZ: Can you name the words starting by an 'S' that complete the title of these movies?

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_________ Wars
_________ in the rain
_________ Forever After
_________ 's list
Quantum of _________
_________ by me
The _________ redemption
The day the earth stood _________
Lucky number _________
West _________ story
The _________ of music
Harry Potter and the philosopher's _________
The _________ news
_________ private Ryan
We were _________
Dead poets _________
The king's _________
Sense and _________
The _________ of the lambs
I know what you did last _________
Tinker tailor soldier _________
The usual _________
_________ fish
Sleepless in _________
The _________ sense
Lock, _________ and two smoking barrels
_________ millionaire
Edward _________
_________ years in Tibet
_________ time crooks

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