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What century is Halo set in?
Master Chief's service tag is?
ONI stands for...?
Who do the Covenant worship?
What is the Halo rings' AI caretaker?
Name of the Flood intelligence?
Colour of Master Chiefs eyes.
The Didacts wife is called...
The Arbiter kills the High Prophet of ...
Which UNSC ship was destroyed on Installation 04?
What model of armour do Spartans wear?
Where was the main target of the initial Covenant attack during the Battle of Earth?
The 'Dumb AI' that controlled the city in ODST was called?
The Dropship 77 Heavy-Troop Carrier/Infantry is better known as?
The weapon used to turn people into Binary in Halo 4 is called...
Name of the shield world featured in Halo 4
The Sangheili are more commonly known as?
Name of the ship Master Chief and Cortana are adrift upon at the end of Halo 3/beginning of Halo 4...
The name of the planet upon which Halo: Reach is set...
The ship Master Chief rescues Cortana from in Halo 3?

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