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Can you name the Popular St- Names, USA, 1880-2009?

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HintFirst NameOther Spellings
An abbreviated form of a Greek name meaning 'resurrection'
Her mom was in a popular Fountains of Wayne song
A US federal college loan or a UK town
One of the South Park kids
A famous American university
A name of Slavonic origin with a second element meaning 'glory'
A brand of hand tools
An English place name for a settlement built on stony ground
Found in the night sky
An elaboration of the above
A common bird
One form of a Greek name meaning 'crown'
Part of the name of a popular beer that originated in Belgium
An elaboration on the feminine form of a Greek name meaning 'crown'
HintFirst NameOther Spellings
An elaboration on the feminine form of a Greek name meaning 'crown'
Feminine form of a Greek name meaning 'crown'
A type of hat
A short form of the Greek name meaning 'crown'
Greek name meaning 'crown'
Perhaps works on an airplane
It should not be thrown in a glass house
For a statuesque child
Bad weather (noun)
Bad weather (adjective)
A European royal house

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