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Because of urbandization, what ratio is steadily increasing?
How many languages are there in Nigeria?
During colonial rule, the British treated which religious group better than they did others?
There are more what than land-lines?
What rate becomes negative when population growth rate is positive and GDP is constant?
What percent of the Nigerian population falls below the poverty line?
With what modern disease do 2.6 million Nigerians live?
What is the name used to describe the emigration of Nigerian doctors?
What is the name of the religious law that is frequently the topic of heated debate among Nigerian policymakers?
What is the name of the conflict that resulted from the secessionist movement that occured in 1967-1970?
Which religion accounts for the greatest proportion of the population?
Where are the oil fields?
What is the name for Nigerian clientelism?
The 1998 'coup from heaven' ousted which leader?
MOSOP is concerned with the situation of which Nigerian people?
What is Nigeria's official language?
What is the capital of Nigeria?
What was the capital of Nigeria?
What was the name of the 1987 initiative that attempted to increase accessibility to healthcare?
What word characterizes cleavages in Nigeria?

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