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The Member of the Upper House of the British Parliament Specialising In Hollow Jewelry: The Patrilineal Autocratic Ruler Makes A Roundabout Trip To Where He Originated
The Rectangular Array of Numbers, Symbols Or Expressions
Lead Launching Firearm Located At An Altitude Higher Than Any Other
Outdoor Play Centre Whose Target Audience Is That Of Those Who Lived Between 200 Million and 145 Million Years Prior To The Present Day
Large Scale Military Operations Carried Out Among Natural Nuclear Fusion Reactors
Henry The Ceramics Specialist And Socrates' Ionic Lattice
Outwardly Unappealing Visage Brought On By Extensive Injuries
The House That Has The Hexadecimal Code of #FFFFFF Named In Its Mother Tongue of Spanish
Vibrations Made Manifest By The Tympanic Membrane Designed For The Purpose Of Stimulating Emotions
The Pre-written Monologue Spoken By The Head of the Church of England Who Happens To Be In Possession of a Y Chromosome
Fundamental Force That Is Yet To Be Explained By The Standard Model
Homo Sapiens Male Exhibiting Avian Characteristics
Comprehensive System of Scientific Knowledge Covering All Possible Concepts
The Recreational Activity In Which Competitors Attempt To Commit Identity Fraud
Certain Individuals Have A Preference For Volumes Of Material That Have Been Excited By Exorbitant Amounts Of Energy
The Paternal Caretaker Of A Revered Omnipotent Being
One Who Has Earned A Doctorate of Philosophy With The Surname That Is Most Comparable To The Science Of Affection In An Unorthodox Manner
The Art Of Attenuating One's Sound Patterns To Match The Incoming Vibrations Most Resembling Art Taking An Audio Form While Under The Effects Of Precipitation

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