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QUIZ: Can you name the complicated game titles?

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NameSimplified Name
The Events Bound To Happen To A Person In An Indefinite Yet Inevitable Point In The Future
The Sixth Letter Of The Modern ISO Latin Alphabet Used As a Prefix To The Number Serving As The Central Point Of The Spectrum of Real Integers
A Vehicle Offering Transport To Hailers Of The Vehicle Which Has Abandoned All Sanity
Otherworldly Creatures Able To Be Condensed To A Size Smaller Than Compartments Found On Clothing: The Version Most Applicable To A Green Gemstone
An Ideal Fantasy World Whose Main Attraction Is The Reduction Of Materials To Nothing Via Combustion
The Sudden Application Of Force To A Surface In Response To A Received Sudden Application Of Force
A Mass Of Rock Orbiting A Planet Whose Purpose Is To Reap Raw Materials
Ownership Of A Subterranean Punishment And Solitary Confinement Centre
Primitive Groups Of People Worshipping The Same Deity: The Increasing Of The Distance Between An Object And The Reference Surface Below
Breaking And Entering Into Sacred Burial Grounds
One Who Serves To Raise The Spirits And Save The Lives Of Oppressed String Instruments
A Section Of The World That Has Been Dominated By The Antithesis of Mario
Spherical Orbital Object That Is Paradoxically Both Of Gargantuan And Miniscule Girth
The Restriction Of The Son Of Abraham's Movement
A Powerful Figure In Business And Industry Made Famous For His Work In The Field Of Fairground Attractions
NameSimplified Name
The Excretion Of Tears At A Long Distance From A Selected Location
The Logical Sequence Of Actions Given To Underlings Of A High Authority Followed By The Resulting Assertion Of Dominance Allowing Capturing Of Hostile Territory
The Predecessor Of The Global Positioning System Utilised By The Biblical Magi Possessed By Behaviour Unlike Its Norm
A Theatre Of Combat: The Presence Of Fellow People Perceived As Egregious
The Periphery of A Particularly Sizeable Mass Of Rock Or Gas
An Organised Dissenting Group Within A Political Party Using The Lowest End Of The Visible Light Spectrum As Its Moniker
Beasts Of Avian Descent Currently Exhibiting Traits Most Comparable To An Increased Level Of Agitation
The End Of The World And All Life Brought Upon By Limbless Invertebrates
The Desire To Acquire A High Rate Of Change Of Position Which If Not Obtained Would Cause Physical Deficiency Or Death
Electromagnetic Radiation Visible To The Human Eye Reaching The End Of Its Lifespan
A Person That Believes That The Stretch Of Road And Pavement In Front Of Him Has Wronged Him And Must Be Shown Justice Via Physical Prowess
The Male Siblings That Specialise In The Act Of Reducing Objects To Smithereens And Are Superior To Their Competitors Offering Similar Services
It Is Imperative That You Do Not Allow Yourself To Suffer From An Underused Digestive System Lest You Face The Horror Of Malnourishment
A Serpentine/Reptilian Mythological Winged Creature With A Non-Canonical Golden Punctuation Mark Used To Exacerbate Feelings Above Its Head

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