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NameSimplified Name
One Who Takes Refuge Among Ne'erdowells
Currently It Is My Cognitive Function That Has Led Me To Believe That My Form Is Most Comparable To A Wheat Slab
Planet Made Distinct by its Creations Existing to Assist War Efforts
5.556 Kilometres of those with Superhuman Characteristics in a Time Long Gone
Means of Achieving Quantum Transportation of Materials Between Disconnected Locations
Extreme Low Pressure Weather Event Carrying Lead Projectiles
Male Human*10^6
Summons Due to Required Work: Battle Tactics That Are Ahead of the Curve
Conurbation of Various Sized and Cultured Human Settlements
Fifty Percent of a Living Organism's Time Period During Which it was Effective
Vast Amounts of Terra Firma Located on the Periphery
Foliage Pitted Against Eldritch Brain-Chasers
Period Dedicated to the Acquisition of Currency from Work: The Forceful Withdrawal and Possible Overdraft from Banks
The Occupation of the Seeking and Destruction of Abberations
Dogma of Incognito Hitmen
The Exploits and Discoveries of Audible Reverberations
Underground Mineral Harvesting and Intricate Combination of Materials
An Independently Developed Offshoot of Valve's Proprietary Software Credited to the Man Named Garry
It Is My Greatest Ambition to Acquire a Reputation Among All Humanity and Be Known as 'The Guy'
Reflective Surface's Thinnest Side
NameSimplified Name
Vacant Areas Bereft of Life
The Repercussions of Objects That Are Unable To Travel At The Speed of Light Due To The Presence Of The Higgs Field
Elders of the World Protecting Valuables From Assailants 2
The Esteemed and Renowned Creator of Mythical Fire Birds: One Acting On One's Behalf As The Trump Card
Inevitable Ill Fortune
Exhaustion of All Remaining Space Inside the Infernal Realm of Punishment
Well-Trained Appliers of Mechanics Who Make Their Living In A Volume Wherein There Is a Low Density of Materials
Ultimate Ideal Situation
Tectonic Agitation
Commandeering Water Vapour, Oxygen, and Other Such Abundant Gaseous Elements
Angelic Headgear: The Exchanging of Blows Adhering to Darwinian Principles
Championship Based in a Situation Most Unlike Reality
The Voiced Labiodental Fricative Repeated Once For Every Ball In A Cricket Over
The Archaic Manuscripts IV: Wholly Forgotten
Accurate Computer Representation of the Life and Behaviour of a Member of the Species Capra Aegregus Hircus
The Nation Dedicated to the Offspring of an Ass and Abnormally Large Sized Gorilla
Component Parts Contributing to the Function of Fighting Adversaries
Headquarters Belonging To Those Participating In The Same Activity To Mutually Benefit Each Other 2
Large-scale Automobile Transferral of Ownership
Modern Ballistic Weaponry in the Possession of the One Who Reduced His Distance Between Him and the Sun to a Level That Was Unmanageable

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