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The largest organ in the human body
Number of bones in the adult human body
Has uracil instead of thymine
Building blocks of proteins
The powerhouse of a cell; creates ATP
Also called leukocytes
The largest blood vessel in the human body
These structures attach muscle to bone
This travels four times faster in water than in air
It takes about 12 hours for the human body to do this
This stores bile
Pancreatic amylase and salivary amylase breaks this down
This insulates the axons of neurons
A type of cell in the eye that allows a person to see color
Your skin is part of this system
The first layer of skin
This blood vessel carries deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs
When eaten, food moves down the esophagus through this involuntary movement
This enzyme in the stomach breaks down proteins
The jaw bone
Actin and myosin filaments are part of this structure in the human body
The three smallest bones in the human body are found here
In the human body, these structures store lymphocytes
Also known as the voice box
These are tiny air-like sacs at the end of bronchioles
The basic structural and functional unit of the kidney
Also known as flowering plants
The collective term for the female reproductive parts of a flower
Animals of the phylum porifera: they have no true tissues

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